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NoSQL Support in PostgreSQL

Developers have been really excited about the addition of JSON support starting PostgreSQL v9.2. They feel they now have the flexibility to work with a schema-less unstructured dataset while staying within a relational DBMS. So what’s the buzz all about? Let’s explore below
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What questions can BI help me answer?

Business Intelligence (BI) is such a buzzword, everyone wants to use it. But do people really understand what it means and what kind of tangible benefits a business can get using BI? Below, I give a sample of some questions BI can help an organization answer.
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Operational Data Store vs Data Warehouse vs Data Mart

These buzz words seem to be floating around quite a bit and tend to get thrown into every conversation around Business Intelligence. But what do they actually mean and how do they differ from each other. Below, I try to take a 100,000 ft view to try and differentiate between the three.
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