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PostgreSQL Professional Services for SMBs
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Our mission is to help businesses scale PostgreSQL reliably for critical data

Our Customers

Stormatics delivers excellence across the globe.

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What Our Customers Say About Us?

"Stormatics consultants are committed to excellence which is evident in their services. When we reached out to them, they promptly identified and confirmed a performance-degrading bug in AlloyDB and proposed an effective workaround over the weekend. Their recommendation of moving back to CloudSQL and facilitation of a seamless migration, completed in two minutes even though we gave them a 30-minute maintenance window, further exemplifies their top-tier service..."

Oliver Morgan, Founder/CEO at Ventrata
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What Our Customers Say About Us?

"Umair has strong Open Source experience in both the Professional Services and Software industries. He has the experience to help you refine your strategy and the follow-through to drive execution..."

Co-founder at Technology Company​
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What Our Customers Say About Us?
"Umair and I have worked together for a number of years through multiple companies and with multiple customers, the level of consistency and follow-through that Umair brings to the table is, in my opinion, what most IT projects are missing..."
Principal Database Engineer at Cloud Provider Company
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What Our Customers Say About Us?
"I worked with Umair while on a consulting assignment at Asurion, where he was the technical lead. His professionalism and passion for doing the right thing were consistently evident throughout my tenure working with him..."
Senior Consultant at Telco Company​
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What Our Customers Say About Us?
"I appreciated Umair's calm 'lets find a solution' approach to every problem. A quality I value in leadership is the ability to absorb stress and to radiate enthusiasm. Umair is a perfect example of leader with this quality."
VP at Technology Company
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About Us ~

Only the best for your Mission-Critical data

With decades of contributions to the global PostgreSQL community coupled with multiple commercial ventures centered around PostgreSQL, our founding team comes from a solid product engineering background. We advocate for PostgreSQL around the world and help businesses use our favorite database effectively in production environments.

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