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PostgreSQL Training

PostgreSQL Training

Our comprehensive PostgreSQL training equips your team with the necessary skills to seamlessly run database operations, troubleshoot issues, and maximize efficiency. All trainings are delivered by seasoned experts and PostgreSQL core contributors with decades of industry experience – so you learn from the best! 

We offer instructor-led classes designed for DBAs, architects, and developers online as well as in person.

The need for PostgreSQL skills

As a critical component of the company’s infrastructure, any knowledge gaps or skill deficiencies in PostgreSQL can lead to suboptimal performance, increased downtime, and compromised data integrity. Proficient PostgreSQL skills are also essential to effectively handle routine maintenance tasks, such as backups, security updates, and disaster recovery procedures. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, PostgreSQL training delivered by experts is a must to ensure adequate PostgreSQL skills in-house.

What you get

The topics below are covered in a typical PostgreSQL administration training course. 

Introduction to PostgreSQL

Overview of PostgreSQL and its features
Installing PostgreSQL and basic configuration
PostgreSQL client tools
SQL basics and data types
Managing databases and users
Managing security and access control

Advanced Database Administration

Performance tuning and optimization
Query planning and execution
Replication and high availability
Monitoring and logging
Maintenance and upgrades

Why us? 

Our global consultants have wide-ranging expertise in running PostgreSQL in the cloud, in data centers, on-premise, and in hybrid environments.

Reliable Solutions

You want your database to be reliable, we have the expertise to make sure you can depend on PostgreSQL at scale.

Bespoke Services

Your challenges are unique, and so are our services. Our team collaborates with yours to deliver tailored solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our biggest asset. We will not rest till you are 100% satisfied.

Get the necessary skills to maximize the efficiency of your database operations with our instructor-led PostgreSQL training

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