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The Next 20 Years of PostgreSQL: Embracing Better Persuasion

In a visionary keynote at PGConf EU last month, Simon Riggs, a luminary in the PostgreSQL community and a strategic advisor to Stormatics, addressed the future trajectory of PostgreSQL. Celebrating its remarkable success, he also identified areas needing attention for breaking barriers and ensuring ongoing triumphs. What struck a chord with me was the concept of “Better Persuasion” – a strategy crucial for PostgreSQL’s continued journey over the next two decades.

This blog delves into this slide, crucial for PostgreSQL’s thriving journey – in my opinion.

Slide from the presentation that talks about this

Slide from the presentation that talks about this

Persuasion through Release Presentations: The Art of Communication

In today’s world, where technology choices are often driven by perception, the way PostgreSQL’s new releases and features are communicated is absolutely vital. Imagine a release presentation not just listing features, but telling a story of innovation and future potential. Such effective communication can pivotally shift how PostgreSQL is perceived in the tech community.

Showcasing Real-World Impact

There’s nothing more convincing than success stories. Including case studies in presentations illuminates PostgreSQL’s practical impact across various industries. This not only validates its capabilities but also inspires potential users. I think it also extremely important to connect the new features being released to real world use cases that our audience can benefit from. 

Outreach to Encourage New Developers: Fostering a Welcoming Community

Attracting new talent to PostgreSQL is more than a showcase of technical prowess. It’s about creating a nurturing and inclusive community. Initiatives like mentorship programs, accessible documentation, and supportive forums are essential. These efforts not only lower entry barriers but also help in building a robust, diverse developer base.

Collaborative Growth

Imagine PostgreSQL as part of the curriculum in coding academies or the centerpiece of joint projects with tech communities and application developers. Such partnerships can be gateways for new developers, enriching both PostgreSQL and the wider tech ecosystem.

Integration with Other Teams and Applications: Building a Versatile Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, PostgreSQL’s ability to integrate with various platforms, frameworks, and languages is key. Enhancing compatibility and ease of integration positions PostgreSQL as a flexible and indispensable component of diverse tech stacks.

Celebrating Integration Successes

Spotlighting successful integrations can serve as inspiration and a blueprint for future endeavors. For example, showcasing PostgreSQL’s seamless integration in a major banking solution like Temenos could highlight its adaptability and efficiency.

Enhancing Engagement Through Online Conferences: Embracing the Digital Era

The digital realm offers unprecedented opportunities for community engagement. Online conferences can unite the global PostgreSQL community, facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration. These digital platforms can extend PostgreSQL’s reach and impact far beyond physical boundaries.

Crafting Impactful Online Events

For online conferences to be successful, they need to be engaging and informative. Adopting best practices from successful digital events can help PostgreSQL organize events that are not just informative, but also interactive and inclusive, catering to a global audience.

As PostgreSQL embarks on its journey through the next two decades, embracing “Better Persuasion” as highlighted by Simon Riggs is not just about technical excellence. It’s a holistic approach encompassing effective communication, inclusive community building, strategic integrations, and innovative engagement strategies. By addressing these key areas, PostgreSQL can significantly enhance its position in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.


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