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pg_cirrus – Hassle-free PostgreSQL Cluster Setup

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  • pg_cirrus – Hassle-free PostgreSQL Cluster Setup

Highly available PostgreSQL clusters with auto failover and load balancing

Managing and setting up PostgreSQL clusters can be a complex and time-consuming process. Much like any other manual process, it is prone to errors and inconsistencies. Database administrators tend to prefer automation for configurations such as setting up replication, load balancing and auto failover for their clusters. 

To add on top of that, the PostgreSQL ecosystem has a great number of tools for each component that makes up a cluster – thus making the decision on which tools to use a difficult task. 

With pg_cirrus, you can conveniently set up a highly available PostgreSQL database cluster with tools that are recommended and certified by Stormatics. All you need to do is to specify basic configurations, the rest is taken care of by pg_cirrus.

Key Features of pg_cirrus

  1. Automated Deployment: With pg_cirrus, you can save valuable time and achieve consistency through automation. Once you specify your cluster’s IPs, PostgreSQL version and port, pg_cirrus does the rest.

  2. Data Redundancy: With pg_cirrus your data is replicated to 2 nodes hence ensuring minimal data losses.

  3. Load Balancing: pg_cirrus provides load balancing out-of-the-box with the write requests handled by the primary server and read requests handled by the standby servers. This optimizes resource utilization and improves overall system performance.

  4. High Availability: With auto-failover, pg_cirrus ensures high availability and reliability for your PostgreSQL 3-node cluster, hence minimizing downtime.

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