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Webinar: Clustering in PostgreSQL: Because one database server is never enough (and neither is two)

Umair Shahid spoke at FOSDEM 2024 where he delved into the ins and outs of PostgreSQL clustering. He covered the benefits and challenges of various clustering approaches and explained how to set up a highly available and disaster-resilient PostgreSQL cluster.

Webinar: JSON performance – PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

Umair Shahid (Founder, Stormatics) explores performance benchmarks in handling JSON data between PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Find out which database reigns supreme.

Webinar: Scaling PostgreSQL – A Developer’s Guide

In this hour long webinar, Umair Shahid (Founder, Stormatics) talks about query optimization and performance features. He explains how to optimize your PostgreSQL databases as your application scales. 

Fireside Chat: JSON in PostgreSQL – A Developer’s Perspective

Learn how JSON in PostgreSQL simplifies unstructured data handling for devs, offering features like binary storage, indexing, &  native functions. Get valuable advice for leveraging this functionality in application development.

Webinar: Data Resilience in PostgreSQL

Umair Shahid (Founder, Stormatics) delves into PostgreSQL clustering for high availability and disaster recovery. covering synchronous vs. asynchronous replication and effective cluster management tools.

Webinar: Why Database Teams Need Crew Resource Management

Chris Travers (Senior PostgreSQL Consultant at Stormatics) explains how database teams suffer the same problems as flight crews and medical teams – and why database teams need crew resource management. 

From the Stormatics Blog: 

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